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foopa11 is a new football app focusing on football content only. Subscribe if you want to be the first to use it for free. Because you are in from the beginning, you will have the chance to build a huge follower base and get the best username.

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What is foopa11?

A Community of football enthusiasts

foopa11 combines news & results with football entertainment around the world. If you are a football fan, then we are just the app you need. If you are already creating football content, then you should get in touch with us. We support early adopters winning followers & fans.


Expect great features

Made from football fans for football fans.

Top football Videos
Watch the best and funniest football videos
Latest football news
Don't miss any news & results from the world of football
Great networking opportunities
Connect with other football enthusiasts
Great interaction possibilities  
Get boosted by your followers and become a kickfluencer
Exclusive football content
Get access to exclusive football content from other football enthusiasts, clubs and players
Football entertainment around the world
foopa11 is a global football entertainment platform

What our test users say

We are testing to make your football journey on foopa11 a great experience!

I like that you focus on football. Please do not become a lifestyle app!
Lavi O.
Cool, that I can get the latest news and results in combination with entertainment.
Antonio Louis M.
Looking forward to get finally more exclusive content from my favourite club and to get only football content.
Patrick W.


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We are getting ready.